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Kajun Martial Arts After School Program - Transported After School Martial Arts      Ages 5 to 12

Kajun Martial Arts is a true martial arts school, not a daycare, and as such we are not in the
supervision and care business but rather, the talent and skill business. We provide parents
with a constructive alternative to daycare, extended day, or babysitting.

We specialize in personal development, optimum health, and teaching practical self defense.

Our program is week-to-week to provide parents with a constructive alternative to daycare, extended day at school, babysitting, or latch-key. There is no extra charge for in-service days when the children are out of school all day. Drop off time is 8:00 AM and pick up time is 5:30 PM. Early drop off and late pick up are available upon request. Pack a lunch on those days and we will have two classes with one in the morning at 10:00 AM and 4:30 PM. If you have prepaid for a week and your child becomes ill and only attends one or two days, we will credit the unused portion of that week to the next week. If you do not attend a week, you will not be charged.

We are in the talent and skill business, not the supervision and care business. The only reason to use our program (found nowhere else) is so your child will learn martial arts, and its tenants: exercise, discipline, respect, manners, self defense and self esteem, earning belt ranks in the process. We promise, this stuff really does carry over into their schoolwork and home life.

Kajun After School Program School bus


spacerWe service most Elementary and Middle schools in the Prairieville area. Either school buses drop off the kids to us, or we transport the kids to our school. We own our own transportation vehicles, and only use our own dedicated, professional drivers who have had background checks. We work with kids from five to twelve years old. 

Recognition based on earned achievement

Achievement can be earned by the following...

  • Perfect Attendance - Students who make a minimum of 8 classes in a month are awarded with a certificate and trophy.
  • Self Discipline Stripes - Students are required to earn self discipline stripes in order to qualify for belt testing. Students earn the stripes by performing tasks at home without their parents asking.
  • Home Work Stripes - Student earn home work stripes by practicing their martial arts at home.
  • Belt Ranking - Students test and earn new belt ranks. We are a Black Belt School and work with each student reach their full potential in and out of the karate school.
Currently Serving: Dutchtown Primary & Middle, Spanish Lake Primary, Duplessis Primay, Prairieville Primary & Middle, Central Middle
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